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New school and frustration by YumeYuuheii New school and frustration :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 57 4 Angel - Concept Design by YumeYuuheii Angel - Concept Design :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 56 6 Their little pony - CMC NG Concept V02 by YumeYuuheii Their little pony - CMC NG Concept V02 :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 63 6 Mockingbird Dash - Concept Design by YumeYuuheii Mockingbird Dash - Concept Design :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 104 6 NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Not what she expected by YumeYuuheii NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Not what she expected :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 286 17 NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Arrival at the Resistance by YumeYuuheii NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Arrival at the Resistance :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 153 13 NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Strange feeling by YumeYuuheii NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Strange feeling :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 45 8 SPOILERS - The big reveal by YumeYuuheii SPOILERS - The big reveal :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 328 4 Delta Flare - Concept Design - Update by YumeYuuheii Delta Flare - Concept Design - Update :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 77 4 FlurryHeart - Interruption by YumeYuuheii FlurryHeart - Interruption :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 167 11 [NEM] Fiche - Irwin by YumeYuuheii [NEM] Fiche - Irwin :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 23 3 Steven Universe - Screenshot Genderbend ver- by YumeYuuheii Steven Universe - Screenshot Genderbend ver- :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 101 1 Connor - Steven Universe | Genderbend ver- by YumeYuuheii Connor - Steven Universe | Genderbend ver- :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 71 0 Nora - Steven Universe | Genderbend ver- by YumeYuuheii Nora - Steven Universe | Genderbend ver- :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 85 7 Fanart - Sayori Genderbed Version by YumeYuuheii Fanart - Sayori Genderbed Version :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 90 6 Jacky - Gift for Kira-Chama (BOOOOT) by YumeYuuheii Jacky - Gift for Kira-Chama (BOOOOT) :iconyumeyuuheii:YumeYuuheii 10 1
Hey guys I wanted to thank and write a bit today to have some of your advices and suggestions, as some of you knows I wanted to continue my mlp stories for quite a while now, but it seems that whatever I draw it's never perfect to me so I stopped posting, sorry again for my english it's catastrophic ! So as I was saying my drawings are not that great to me and it discouraged me a lot, so, I have a few questions to ask you !

1 - Would it bother you if my drawings aren't all with clean linearts ?
2 - Would you prefer quantity or at least more drawings than one drawings 'per months but all perfectly done ?
3 - Do you want me to continue my NG-Mlp ?

If you'd like to respond go ahead it'll help me a lot I'm so sorry for not being active it makes me upset at myself I'm such a lazy bastard...

And thank you for reading <3 !


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Hiatus but still kinda there thank you for being here with me ~


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NG - AU Nightmare Moon - Not what she expected
When Nightmare Moon returned to her castle after she took some days to visits the crystal empire, wich wasn't ruled anymore by the Princess of Love, a guard with a familiar rainbow mane came to her without his helmet on, to announce her that she was finally a mother, the Queen did not react at first, but then a small grin appeared on her face, ordering the guard to bring the newborn to her.

- Yes, my queen. The guard simply said.

Rainbow Dash returned less than a few minutes with the foal on her back, between her wings, a, really, small foal white with a black looking horn. When the former Princess of the Night saw him, she levitated him with her magic, that was probably the first time that her guards could perceive gentleness from her, even with Princess Rarity she tended to have a powerfull hold.

- Well well well... She murmured while looking at the sleepy foal, the guards starting to fall back to leave their Queen space and privacy. - Aren't you small, and, a weak looking one. Mh. But I knew that you'll be a Prince. A unique coat colour, and- Her eyes looked slowly towards his back when a pair of glowy wings extended. - An Alicorn, of course, that, She paused with a greedy, malicious smile. "Is what I did not expected." This time she could not help but think that phrase, her pride and joy was internally, an Alicorn was always a danger, that'll be a risk to take.

- Someday you'll make me proud. For now, survive. Without saying anything more to her son, the Queen putted him in her front armor where the fur would be comfortable and her body heat would warm him up. 
The foal quickly had a reaction, wich was to snuggling and continuing to sleep without knowing that his second mother was the most powerfull, dangerous, and feared mare of all Equestria and beyond.

- Maybe, you're not so bad. 


Hey everyone I noticed that I haven't drawn Nigthmare Moon meeting her newborn son ! So I've done it and I wanted to show how little the foal was compared to his queen mother, I've updated the dialogue hope y'all like it ! <3

And thanks again for all the support !

Background by : Proenix

Old Castle 

Previous : 

Welcome and Goodbye

Next : 

Time to Escape
New school and frustration

Hey guys I'm finally starting Angel's story hope y'all like it right now it's 4 am for me so yeah, I'll probably do the dialogue tomorrow sorry xD

Thanks a billion time for the watch I can't believe there is more than 600 people liking and wanting to see my drawings ahh~
Oc's on the drawing :

Angel concept design here !
Angel - Concept Design
Name : Angel

Nicknames : Sulky Cutie (By his parents time to time they dare tease him)

Place of birth : Ponyville

Place of residence : Ponyville (but is sent to Canterlot boarding school)

Parents : FlutterShy / Bulk Biceps  

Facts and Bio : Angel was nammed after Flutter's bunny that was deceased just before he was born, he's still a teenager but doesn't miss an opportunity to teach lessons to the one's that would stare just a few seconds.

FlutterShy tried many, many times, to lead Angel in the right path, she wanted to inculcate him the importance of friendship and it's values, but it seemed that her authority wasn't steady enough, so Bulk and her decided to sent him in an boarding school for his high school years, it's at that time that the stallion started to discover a new kind of ponies, the rich one's, and oh boy since then he despise every stallions that smells like mares and have this bad habit to laugh to make good impressions, he fought plenty times at school and on campus, he wasn't popular for his behaviors but few mares with comfortable life's fell for the bad boy caricature.

Mockingbird, Rainbow Dash's daughter developped a crush on Angel in kindergarden and for several years tried to be noticed by him, she tried everything, racing him by provocating him, make up rumors to make him mad, and even fight him, he always ignored her and never accepted to race her once, Angel's not a big flyer, more than lazy, he rarely even use his wings but he can put all his energy if needed to crush his pegasi rivals.

Bulk and Flutter are affraid that someday they'll have bad news from cops reporting illegal activities or of their son's death.

-Angel doesn't have his cutiemark yet, but he really doesn't care, the CMC tried many times to help him but he showed no interest in the activities presented

Former design concet for Angel :

Previous design here
Their little pony - CMC NG Concept V02
So I wanted to redo a drawing of the CMC NG and this is how it turned out !
I'll do their bios later because right now I'm really tired ;;

Hope y'all like it and most importantly what do you think of them ?
(Btw they look adolescent/adult but they're still "foals" in the stories)

FREE Cutie Mark Crusaders animated icon 


Click here if you want to know a little more about them ! :

Former version / when they look younger <3
I'm actually redrawing the NextGen of the CMC here is the former designs !

Their little pony - CMC NG Concept by YumeYuuheii


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